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  • 20150208
    Its been awhile since i have been on here.  Seems a bit slow and very little members.  I just wish we could do something to bring more of them.  I think this would be an awesome place to start things new again...somehow.  I know peopel get busy and even discouraged, but all it takes is a few to get things started.  I know we have anime on here and Im glad that Neko has made that effort to upload on here....legally of course because its my understanding its your own collection.  Anyway...i just miss things the way they were and wish John would bring back the real site.

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  • 20140420
    Blogs Shot_215

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  • 20140420
    right so instead of flooding the chat thread with these updates i'll post each of my hangers updates(by nation starting with this weekends ones:
    Blogs Shot_212

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  • 20140420
    Blogs Shot_213

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  • 20140817
    Blogs 75048-The-Phantom-1-500x333
    This thing is a piece of crap. 1 out of 5 stars. There. I’ve said it. And I’m tempted to end the review of 75048 The Phantom right here and now so we can all go about our day because this set is barely deserving any more attention than that. But that wouldn’t be right and I’m sure you’ll want to know why I hate it so much. So I’ll do my best to tell you exactly why.

    There was about a week’s worth of time that passed between me building the set and me sitting here writing the review...

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  • 20140420
    Blogs Shot_214

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  • 20140420
    don't expect much updates on this one nation....
    Blogs Shot_216

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  • 20140226
    Blogs 75035-Full-Set-500x301
    Is it possible to get battle pack fatigue? Maybe that’s why Lego keeps playing with the $10 range with stuff like Planets (which were awesome) and the Microfighters (not as much). Or maybe it’s just that a lot of the recent battle packs have been somewhat underwhelming, with mixes for the type of figures in them or not enough generic troopers to help build up an army.

    That was my chief complaint with the Death Star Troopers pack, where the Royal Guard figures really detracted from...

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  • 20140226
    Blogs 75034-Full-Set-500x258
    When the first leaks showed up with pictures of a proper Death Star Gunner, I think the general reaction for fans was “It’s about time!” I mean, we’ve had two Death Stars, including the huge Death Star Playset that included a big ‘ole gun like this set seems to be based on. There are also a couple of Royal Guards, which get a nice “New” label on the box thanks to different arms and capes. It’s notable that there isn’t an Emperor for them to guard, and there isn’t an Emperor coming out in any of the...

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  • 20140225
    Blogs 75036-Full-Set-500x385
    Did you realize that battle packs have been around for seven years now? I’m actually kind of scared to count how many of the things I’ve bought, because they’re just easy. Even when a pack isn’t all that great, sometimes it’s just fun to crack open a set and build something (like that Assassin Droid battle pack from a few years ago). Of course, one of the biggest problems is that it’s just been years since the promise of those original battle packs, with their regular rank-and-file Stormtroopers...

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  • 20131207
    Batmobile. Bat Ice Sled. Batwing. There was one major Bat-vehicle that was missing from the first couple of waves of DC Super Heroes and it was the Batcopter. New for 2014, 76011 Batman: Man-Bat Attack comes in to fill the gap and it does not disappoint.
    Blogs 76011-Batman-Man-Bat-Attack-1-500x333
    Weighing in at a mere 184 pieces, it won’t win any awards for price per piece ratio. You do get three minifigs out of this set: a pretty standard issue Batman in a black outfit, and newcomers Man-Bat and Nightwing in red.

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  • 20131122
    Blogs 75034_1-500x375
    Brickadeer over at Eurobricks posted some images of the upcoming January 2014 LEGO Star Wars sets. No price or piece count information is available yet, but there are other things that can be gleaned from the images. LEGO, in a continuous effort to create projectile weapons to shoot at your eyes, are introducing blasters that shoot 1×1 round plates AND spring loaded missiles that look to be a replacement for the much-panned flick fire ones that have plagued Star Wars sets for years.


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  • 20131119
    Story: 4/10
    Why: honestly this generation was a real letdown in providing any real reason to bother to get to the elite 4 past the seventh gym(it makes black2/white2 seem reasonable in that regard)

    Villains: -5/10
    Why: they have no real solid motive at all; plus the bright red/orange suits they wear are gaudy as hell

    New Pokemon Type: 500/10
    why: fairies(the new type) are overpowered as hell(only weak to steel and poison type moves(which are very rarely found))

    New pokemon(by type): Steel: 10/10, Water: 6/10, Fire: 2.5/10, Grass: 1/10, Flying: 9/10,...

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  • 20131029
    Blogs Full-Set5-1024x510
    Sometimes, it’s fun to just sit back and pretend what’s going through the heads of TV show writers and producers, because you sort of just wonder what insane stuff goes on there. I’ll just skip past all of the drug and money jokes, because its too easy to insert. t had to be especially tough to write things for The Clone Wars, because there’s considerable evidence that they were hamstrung by just about every bad idea to ever spill from George Lucas’ noggin (see, midichlorians).

    Producer: “You...

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  • 20131026
    Blogs 500x267xFull-Set-500x267.jpg.pagespeed.ic.WbiSGwBtVR
    When I reviewed the Sith Fury and the Republic Striker-Fighter, the basic worry I had was that Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) had a big jolt of freshness to add to the somewhat used up Star Wars palette. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing updates of sets (at least when they're done right, and not just an excuse to hide a cannon somewhere), but sometimes, it's nice to see something unique. Sure, sometimes that's a risk (like the TIE Crawler), and sometimes, it's just...

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  • 20131026
    Blogs 294x500xFull-Set2-294x500.jpg.pagespeed.ic.pQ5dPKDpxp
    There is nothing more absurd in the Star Wars universe than the idea of a walker as an effective and terrifying weapon of war. Not midichlorians, not Gungan fart jokes, not the idea that a bunch of Gummy Bears defeated an Imperial battalion. Not even the fact all it takes to redeem someone who spent a few decades murdering and torturing everyone he could find, including a whole bunch of children and more than a few officers, is a single action of not being a jerk and...

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  • 20131026
    Blogs 500x333xQO5C2671-500x333.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bZkH-mjL7d

    've already received flak for expressing my negative reaction to the set. So you should be forewarned that if you were one of those people that were offended by my previous opinion, you should stop reading right now.

    Boy, how excited I was when Masashi's DeLorean model not only garnered the 10,000 votes needed to achieve review status on CUUSOO, but that it was actually approved by everyone that needed to sign off on it? That was a happy day indeed...

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  • 20131023
    Blogs Full-Set2-1024x416
    I have a bit of a history of tearing into Episode I, something which it still richly deserves. Recently, I decided to give all six movies a run-through, from start to finish. There was a momentary break between Episode II and III for me to sleep off a pretty massive “headache” (let’s just call it a side-effect of the process of fortifying myself for six hours of Jar-Jar). Once the screaming inside my skull stopped, I produced a pretty amazing realization: Episode I isn’t the worst Star Wars film… Episode...

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  • 20131020
    Blogs 79106-Cavalry-Builder-Set-500x216
    Following in the footsteps of other themes, such as Star Wars and Castle, The Lone Ranger theme features a battle back in its lineup. And I find it peculiar. 79106 Cavalry Builder Set is one of two sets in the series to have cavalry minfigs, the other being 79111 Constitution Train Chase and there, it’s a single minifig. Cavalry and any other military presence are absent from the rest the sets making cavalry building a strange proposition. Maybe there’s a context I’m unaware of not having...

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  • 20130906
    I just received some bad news today: LEGO Star Wars Planets Series 4 will NOT be seeing a U.S. release.
    The second wave of 2013 LSW planets are no longer launching in the US. They will be available in other global countries, however. As you know, some markets carry slightly different collections depending on their market dynamics, so the strategic decision was made not to launch them in the US.
    I thought Canada would be out of luck too since the US and Canada are typically considered part of the same “North America” market but the email indicated that the...

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  • 20130904
    #5: The lightsaber: why you might ask would it only rank as fifth.... well the 2d8 damage from it it why; yes it ignores DR(which is a useless thing vs. most opponents and vehicles(since for the most part every vehicle has at least 5 SR(damage reduction from the shield); and armor is useless at anything over 4th level for NPC's unless you go with the armor master talent tree route soldier as foes)

    #4: The Vibrosaw(think chainsaw or circular saw)(from The Unknown Regions expansion guide): at 2d10 damage with same DR ignoring as the lightsaber it is only at 4th due to the fact that as...

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  • 20130624
    Set Information

    Name: The Tower of Orthanc
    Number: 10237
    Theme: Lord of the Rings (Shop@Home Exclusive)
    Release: July 2013
    Parts: 2359
    Figures:5 minifigures, Eagle, and Ent
    Price: GB £169.99 US $199.99 EUR 199.99 |AU...

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  • 20130615
    Blogs 10234_box3_na-500x411
    Unveiled today at Brickworld in Chicago, LEGO has pulled the curtain back from their latest Shop@Home exclusive, [b]10234 Sydney Opera House[/b]. What’s interesting to me is that this set is being released as part of the Creator line and not the Architecture line for which there is already a small scale model of the same building. This set weighs in at 2,989 pieces and will set you back $319.99 US /...

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  • 20130618
    just got this email earlier;

    Blogs Orthanc-473x500

    ....wanted to let you(neko) know that i will be posting my early review of the set soon after it arrives at my house Very Happy

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  • 20130603
    Blogs 8713272283_8b58074531
    The last planet in series 3 takes a detour away from the central film of the PT trilogy to visit the much stronger second film of the OT as we hunt for what is arguably the most infamous ship (at least in the mind of one smuggler) in the Star Wars universe.
    Let's see if this set sends series 3 out with a whimper or a bang.
    Blogs 8713273153_a0165f84c4_nBlogs 8714396218_ea2f4db1e0_n
    I still...

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  • 20130601
    Blogs 8660844832_63d8c70854

    The second set of the series 3 planets is basically a wrap up of the final scene from Episode II. If you only watch the films, you many remember this ship from your "Hey, that kinda looks like a Star Destroyer... neat" moment. Though it's really more of a Star Annoyer at best, so let's see how it shapes up as a set.
    Blogs 8660845558_b5d6c0ff3e_nBlogs 8659744161_e8ee0c3c93_n

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  • 20130601
    Blogs 8658308386_353aefb92b

    The first of the series 3 planet sets takes us on an intelligence gathering mission to Kamino in a Jedi Starfighter piloted by our beloved Jedi... R4-P17. Well, flying is for droids.
    Blogs 8658308968_77c9cef5d7_nBlogs 8657202419_a3dfb5feed_n

    Digging right in, I have to say that while Kamino isn't my favourite I do like it quite a bit. The printing is very well done and the mirroring...

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  • 20130429
    LEGO officially unveils their latest UCS set, 10237 Tower of Orthanc. The set sees an additional Great Eagle which was thought to be only available in 79007 Battle At The Black Gate. An Ent is also included, though he is not named, which begs the question, where are the Ent battle packs? It may not be as grandiose as OneLUG’s The Last March of the Ents, but given the price, the scale, the detailed interior, and play features, it looks to be a GREAT set.

    Blogs 8683646728_68ce197a55
    10237 Tower of Orthanc


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  • 20130318
    Front of box. I am not sure who Aldrich Killian is.
    Blogs 102_0910
    Blogs 102_0913

    Blogs 102_0915
    Bag one built.
    Blogs 102_0917
    Bag two built.
    Blogs 102_1012
    Mini Figs(aka the only reason i bought it)

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  • 20130211
    Blogs X76006_500.png.pagespeed.ic.6Fsb96LHFG
    Blogs X76007_500.png.pagespeed.ic.QkqVMXAbzw
    Blogs X76008_500.png.pagespeed.ic.Ml9gw-L6Cw

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  • 20130216
    Blogs 8475572686_64c75a0714
    Internet Drama. It’s a thing. This is the time line of how the leak broke out as far as I can understand it:

    - someone in taiwan.
    - then hothbricks posts it
    - then someone in eb posts it
    - then someone posts it on fbtb
    - then lego tells hothbricks to take it down
    - but then hothbricks says you can see it here and there and everywhere on the internet at this point

    So we waited for the official embargo lift time, which was 1pm PST, only to realize that somewhere along...

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  • 20130121
    Blogs P1010520
    Name: Z-95 Headhunter
    Set Number: 75004
    Pieces: 373
    Price: US$49.99, €49.99, GBPL39.99
    Ages: 8-14
    Minifigs: 3
    Theme: Star Wars
    Subtheme: The Clone Wars


    On the front of the box are the fighter, the set informations, and a nice little green box with the figures and the names and it show that each are new. The box has the new green art with Yoda, LEGO and STAR WARS logo of course.

    by Resh1138 - Comments: 10 - Views: 1176
  • 20130121
    Blogs 8330901308_d8ee6bfe05_z

    After reviewing Helm's Deep, I had fully intended to review the small army-builder companion set, Uruk-hai army. Life (and laziness) are kind of funny like that. Since that time, we've gotten a new wave of Hobbit sets, the release of the movie, and renewed focus on the line.

    At $30, The Uruk-Hai army is prime army builder fodder. While more expensive than a battle pack, it offers some full set features, and is designed to stick on the side of Helm's Deep. So, does the value really stack...

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  • 20130128
    Blogs 8417100890_0f7251609c_z

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  • 20130119
    Set Name: Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout
    Set #: 10937
    Theme: DC Universe Superheroes
    Pieces: 1619
    Minifigures: 7 (and two halves)
    Year of Release: 2012
    Price at Release: US $159.99 - CA $209.99 - DE 159.99€ - UK 129.99£ - DK 1399.00 DKK


    This box is just one thing: beastly. Really, it's absolutely ginormous (I've added Riddler for a little size comparison). This being the European version box, the front isn't adulterated with parts count and stuff, so you can really enjoy the humungous, gloomy, dark scene. The artwork is quite beautiful...

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  • 20130117
    Set Name: The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase
    Set #: 76001
    Theme: DC Superheroes
    Pieces: 368
    Minifigures: 3
    Year of Release: 2013
    Price at Release: US $39.99 - AU $69.99 - UK - £39.99


    Nothing too special here, although the TDKR logo in the bottom corner was somewhat interesting. The art behind the vehicles is actually better than I was expecting, and is somewhat reminiscent of Gotham in the film. I'm not sure why Commissioner Gordon is firing at the Tumbler.

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  • 20121224
    Blogs 8102775375_390d6f5384_z
    No, it's not an ice-skating show. I'm talking about the latest set in the Batman and Friends Super Heroes theme, "Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice." Is that the longest Lego set name ever? I guess they were trying to squeeze the names of all three characters into the title. Anyway, I was lucky enough to buy this set (along with some other 2013 sets) when the local lego store had them up for sale for a short time, so I am able to bring you an early review of...

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  • 20121108
    Blogs 7751-0000-xx-12-1
    Déjà vu: the feeling or sensation that you have done something before. Long had I thought such a feeling was a myth or simple rationalization to the human mind’s ability to recognize patterns. And then I picked up 7751 Ahsoka’s Starfighter and Vulture Droid, and throughout the process, had a feeling that could only be called déjà vu. Okay, let me preface this whole thing with one comment- I like this set, I bought it because I wanted the Twi’lek that isn’t a Twi’lek (I have a theory about that, it’s because George...

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  • 20121108
    Blogs 7151387381_84579630d8_z
    I’m not sure which ship can really claim the crown of most rehashes, but one just sort of assumes it’s either the Jedi Starfighter or the Jedi Interceptor (Eta-2, something I know thanks to the now deceased Star Wars Galaxies). Yes, I know a few seconds on Brickset could tell me that the JSF has had six (really, six?) and the JSI has only had four-ish (the Yellow Anakin’s Starfighter was released twice), but that’s not really as much fun.

    This is the first of the Eta-2 ships we’ve seen since 2007,...

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  • 20121108
    Blogs 8067966093_2edc7c1799_z
    The Jedi Starfighter (Delta-7, for the especially nerdy among us) has become some sort of LEGO annual tradition, the Star Wars version of the City Police 4×4 (which shows up in Advent Calendars, polybags, and sets year after year, for those that do not collect City Sets). This year, we get Saesee Tiin’s starfighter, continuing a storied tradition of making up unpronounceable names and rainbow ships.

    I suppose what I’m trying to say is that this version of the Jedi Starfighter, mostly inspired from...

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  • 20121106
    Blogs 7200589550_1da038ecb8
    Here we are in 2012 and we’re finally getting The Lord of the Ring LEGO sets. Can you imagine if these had been timely? We’d have yellow-headed Gandalfs, Aragorns, and Frodos. But they weren’t and we don’t and thanks to the upcoming The Hobbit film (Part 1, no less), LEGO fans and LotR fans can rejoice. We finally have our favorite characters immortalized in high-quality ABS plastic.
    Blogs 7200582620_c746878e79_m

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  • 20121104
    Blogs 7223456018_8b1e144bfb
    in the film, The Fellowship of the Ring, the Moria is portrayed as big place. When the LEGO The Lord of the Rings set names were revealed, “The Mines of Moria” could have meant anything. For a single set there’s so much to choose from. An entire wave of sets could conceivably be based on the place. Naturally, I was intrigued and decided that even if I didn’t collect the entire line, 9473 The Mines of Moria was a set I was going to pick up. Now that time has come to pass and for a set that could have been so much,...

    by Resh1138 - Comments: 13 - Views: 1240
  • 20121030
    Blogs 8034868083_0326f6c552
    The B-wing fighter is one of the last few remaining original trilogy and one of my favorites. I don’t think there are many space ships in science fiction that boasts a design where the ship revolves around the cockpit. It sounds completely off the wall and wholly unnecessary considering the size and shape of the ship that would do said revolutions. I didn’t care, it was a fascinating concept with an equally fascinating design. It wasn’t on screen for more than a few seconds during Return of the Jedi; it probably...

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  • 20121025
    Blogs 6194118886_bce8891df3
    The ship itself is a redesign. The first model [set 7656] came out in 2007 under the Revenge of the Sith theme. This upgrade is larger and more detailed than before; boasting almost twice the piece count, though at two and a half times the price. The additional playset scene with accompanying Mon Calamari Jedi and droid assistant certainly helped bump those stats a bit, but the starfighter itself is clearly an improvement. Unfortunately, I don’t have the old model to compare them side by side.


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  • 20121028
    we all know we love to do our own custom dvd's whither its for ourselves or as a gift to some one we care about ..or just for the fun of it...

    last night on one of my "find new programs" excursions I came across one of my more favoured program developers site...and lo and behold they had finally fixed a big issue with their product....this being the "ConvertXtodvd" DVD burning program..

    no this is not a "free" program'll cost you about 40$ ....but I'm sure you know just what to do if you would like to have a good try out(months long that...

    by NekoNeko - Comments: 1 - Views: 655
  • 20121025
    The ARC-170 is possibly my favorite ship to come out of the Clone Wars. Even though it didn’t get a lot of screen time in Revenge of the Sith it left enough of a good impression to warrant a redesign a couple years ago (OK, maybe the CW cartoon helped a bit).

    First let me say that I never picked up the first version of the ARC-170, despite the fact that I like the ship. They just didn’t get it right in my eye. This starfighter’s appeal, to me, is how it pulls off the retro Rebel fighter look while being a clean modern design. It’s a sleek beast of a fighter and the older set didn’t really...

    by Resh1138 - Comments: 2 - Views: 1337
  • 20121025
    Blogs 5053764094_4ded6cefb8
    At long last, 7676 Republic Attack Gunship, we meet on the review battlefield. Nearly two years ago you came into my life, and I teased and flirted with this review. But no more! A gauntlet was thrown down by my benevolent taskmaster, and I must finally (finally!) step up. Are you awesome, or are you not awesome?

    The RGS was the largest Lego model I owned for at least two years after I started into the hobby. I loved it. I took pictures of it, I swooshed it, modified it, had adventures with it. Some...

    by Resh1138 - Comments: 5 - Views: 775
  • 20121021
    Blogs 5979144104_f77e102641_z
    Ewoks are a curious thing to Star Wars fans, and how you feel about them, in a lot of ways, is based on your age. In the mid-80s, bear fever had gripped the US, with Teddy Ruxpin, Gummy Bears, and even a cartoon, Star Wars: Ewoks (which was awful, even for back then).

    And now, they’re set to take over again, with Ewoks appearing in their first low-end set since 2002 (they were actually redone in Endor Bunker, but more on that later). At $25, this certainly isn’t a cheap set. Is a tree and a...

    by Resh1138 - Comments: 11 - Views: 1049
  • 20121021
    Series 2 of the Planets went classic, with each planet representing one of the three movies of the original trilogy. As an OT purist, I had to pick up the lot. For the record, so far they've made three planets, two moons, and a moon-sized space station. Maybe we actually shouldn't refer to these as planets.

    Semantics aside, let's have a look at the first chronologically and numerically, 9677 X-Wing Starfighter & Yavin 4. Can you get more iconic than the Battle of Yavin? The climactic space battle from the original Star Wars. Last wave we got a Death Star, so now we get the other...

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  • 20121021
    Blogs Tank_overall_angle1-300x234
    I’ll preface this review by saying there are not many vehicle designs from the Prequels or Clone Wars that I like. It’s not that I’m biased against anything prequel-related; it’s just that generally I don’t find the designs very inspired.

    That said, the TX-130 fighter tank that the Republic Fighter Tank set is based on is one of my favorite designs from the prequel era of Star Wars. From it’s first appearance in the Clone Wars video game, to Battlefront, the fighter tank is a solid...

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