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my thoughts on Pokemon X/Y

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my thoughts on Pokemon X/Y Empty my thoughts on Pokemon X/Y

Story: 4/10
Why: honestly this generation was a real letdown in providing any real reason to bother to get to the elite 4 past the seventh gym(it makes black2/white2 seem reasonable in that regard)

Villains: -5/10
Why: they have no real solid motive at all; plus the bright red/orange suits they wear are gaudy as hell

New Pokemon Type: 500/10
why: fairies(the new type) are overpowered as hell(only weak to steel and poison type moves(which are very rarely found))

New pokemon(by type): Steel: 10/10, Water: 6/10, Fire: 2.5/10, Grass: 1/10, Flying: 9/10, fighting: 7/10, Ghost: 8/10, all others: 4/10
Why: Hawlucha(fighting/flying), Talonflame(Fire/Flying) and Aegislash(Steel/Ghost) are the only new pokemon that seem to be truly useful in late game

the Box System: 1/10(on a good day), in reality -10000/10
Why: look at the part below this as per why the standard box is way small

The pokemon previous gen transfer system: -9000/10
Why: the fact that you can only do so by buying a $5 per year online service(that will launch in december) is reason enough to say fuck you to this game and nintendo and just buy the 5th gen and prior games used and skip these

overall: can i put a negative number? well screw it im going for it.... -∞/10

i'd say avoid buying it new(or at all if possible) and use the money you save to get one or both of the last half of the previous generations games

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my thoughts on Pokemon X/Y :: Comments


Post Tue Nov 19, 2013 9:29 pm by NekoNeko

wow...DT ....I must say...very to the point
they want 5$ a year ....gesh artists!

so your no longer going to play X/Y ???
or just not bother to do any more upgrading?

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Post Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:12 pm by Resh1138

i'll play it for a while; i'll just have to release random not used pokemon in order to keep more space so i dont have to pay and ignore the gaping hole in my pokedex

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Post Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:52 pm by NekoNeko

...thats a bummer
you'll need to get "inventive" to keep things interesting

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Post Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:57 pm by Resh1138

i need someone to cover the $10 a year(one for each of my 3ds's); else fuck continuing that game

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