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Star war Saga Edition top 5 "stock" weapons in the game

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Star war Saga Edition top 5 "stock" weapons in the game Empty Star war Saga Edition top 5 "stock" weapons in the game

#5: The lightsaber: why you might ask would it only rank as fifth.... well the 2d8 damage from it it why; yes it ignores DR(which is a useless thing vs. most opponents and vehicles(since for the most part every vehicle has at least 5 SR(damage reduction from the shield); and armor is useless at anything over 4th level for NPC's unless you go with the armor master talent tree route soldier as foes)

#4: The Vibrosaw(think chainsaw or circular saw)(from The Unknown Regions expansion guide): at 2d10 damage with same DR ignoring as the lightsaber it is only at 4th due to the fact that as a "exotic" weapon; you would need to blow a feat to train in that one weapon(why a common and unrestricted in most settings tool in the galaxy far far away is considered exotic as a weapon i have no idea... but per RAW(rules as written) it is)

#3: The Sonic rifle(KOTOR campaign guide): at a measly 2d8 damage why would it be in third know of how jedi tend to deflect blaster rounds well sonic weapons they cant be deflected yea if you need to deal with pesky jedi characters.. thats why

#2:  The shotgun(aka: Scattergun... for those whom are anal about what the book says)(Galaxy at war): at 3d8 point blank damage/2d8 at short range this is a weapon for those whom like a flavorful player character in combat(sure by the rules it doesn't get deflect immunity, however most decent GM's i know give it that amount of justice just so the scouts and nobles(aka the ones whom are most likely to need it) have something that can keep force users at a distance); that being said if you use the upgrade rules from scum and villainy well that can change it into the soldiers best friend(add the slinker upgrade and you can curve your shots at will to strike foes behind cover)

#1: The Rotary blaster cannon(aka blaster minigun)(Galaxy at War): as a3d10 2x4 area targeting weapon per braced burst it is almost broken as far as man portable firepower is concerned(especially with say something as cheap as a droidified power generator capable of providing nearly infinite power for it to run on); the only drawback is the licensing cost.... but since GM's sometimes forget those costs it gains the number one spot

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Star war Saga Edition top 5 "stock" weapons in the game :: Comments


Post Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:01 pm by NekoNeko

nicely done....
the poor light sabre.... kinda a tad weak...isn't it
I always thought of it as a handy little weapon...

its still a close 'kill' weapon thought right? or did they fix the body armor so it can resist it .... ???

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Post Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:04 pm by Resh1138

some armors cant be ignored(most mandalorian manufactured ones); but 90% of the others can't resist it; i'd rather have a vibrosaw over a lightsaber though(i prefer the potential 40+ damage with a lucky crit instead of a potential 32+ from the lightsaber crit)

the lightsaber is a close "kill" weapon however it kinda sucks at that role(vibroswords, vibrosaws and several other melee range weapons will do the job quicker and more reliably(cause they cant be shorted out by water Embarassed ))

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