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Shakoan Saga Edition(SW:RPG)

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Shakoan Saga Edition(SW:RPG) Empty Shakoan Saga Edition(SW:RPG)

im posting it here as a backup for the post i have on the wizards of the coast forum..... so yea here it is:

New Species: Skakoan

Skakoans are cool, calculating, and humorless beings with a strong sense of self-preservation. Their thought processes are more akin to droids, focusing on logic and reason—showing emotion is both a rarity and sign of insanity. They have an innate understanding of machines and computers and are excellent engineers, although most Skakoans focus their energy towards business ventures. Due to their unique physiology, Skakoans must wear special pressure suits to survive off of their home planet.

Skakoan Species Traits

Skakoans share the following species traits.

Ability Modifiers: –2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence. Skakoans lack agility but have a rigidly logical, almost computerlike mind.

Size: Medium

Bonus Feat: Armor Proficiency (light)

Mechanical Savant: Once per encounter, a Skakoan can make a standard action Mechanics or Use Computer check as a swift action.

Conditional Bonus Feat: Skakoans with Mechanics as a trained skill gain Skill Focus (Mechanics).

Special Equipment: Skakoans suffer limitations outside their native atmosphere. Without a pressure suit (see below), a Skakoan takes 1d6 points of damage each round and begins to suffocate. Skakoan characters begin play with a light pressure suit at no cost.

Automatic Languages: Basic, Skakoform (written)/Skakoverbal (spoken)

Skakoan Pressure Suits

In order to survive off planet, the Skakoans have created three types of pressure suits. The suits are as effective as certain types of armor, but they are bulkier due to the additional breathing equipment and pressurizers.
Light pressure suit: As armored flight suit (Speed –2 squares)
Medium pressure suit: As battle armor (Speed –1 square)
Heavy pressure suit: As armored spacesuit (Speed –1 square)

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