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ultimate d20 star wars weapon

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ultimate d20 star wars weapon Empty ultimate d20 star wars weapon

Droidified Enlarged Power Generator w/ Storage Capacity - 3,600cr, 15kg (medium size), 0 slots, deals 8d6 in a burst-4 when it explodes

Droid Equipment #1 - Self-destruct system - 720cr, 3.6kg, deals 6d6 in a burst-2 when activated
Droid Equipment #2 - Internal storage - 500cr, holds 50kg

This gives us a total of just under 65 kg of storage space of anything small size or smaller (has to be less than, because you can't use the full 15kg of Storage Capacity). The three main things that come to mind are: Detonite, Explosive Charge, and Thermal Detonator. Since all three are objects, they qualify for the Miniaturization upgrade so you can fit more. Your choice will likely depend on what size blast you want, how much damage you want, and how much money you want to spend.

I had originally thought that Detonite would work better because it is lighter, and you can therefore fit more, however, I then saw the rules for stacking explosives, and it severely limited the effectiveness of that theory in high densities. For example:

Miniaturized Detonite - 1,000cr, 0.05kg, deals 5d6 in a burst 1
1,024x Miniaturized Detonite - 1,024,000cr, 51.2kg, deals 25d6 in a burst 1
I had to limit it to 1,024 due to the rules of doubling explosives. Doubling it again would make it overweight.

Miniaturized Explosive Charge - 2,000cr, 0.25kg, deals 10d6 in a burst 1
128x Miniaturized Explosive Charge - 256,000cr, 32kg, deals 24d6 in a burst 1

So, for about 1/4 the cost and almost 1/2 the weight, you get just about the same damage.

In comparison:

Minaturized Thermal Detonator - 2,500cr, 0.5kg, deals 8d6 in a burst 4
129x Miniaturized Thermal Detonator - 322,500cr, 64.5kg, deals 1032d6 in a burst 4

So, for about the 1/3 the cost (of Detonite), and almost the same weight, you get over 40X the damage!

This assumes that Thermal Detonators don't follow the same limiting factor rule that the other explosives do, considering they're not on the explosives table like the other two.

Add in a 0-slot, 100cr remote activation and we have:

327,420 cr, 83.1kg,

8d6 in a burst 4 (1d20+10 attack) (avg 28 dmg)
6d6 in a burst 2 (1d20+5 attack) (avg 21 dmg)
1032d6 in a burst 4 (your attack bonus) (avg 3,612 dmg) =
Total = 3,661 dmg (average; which with that many dice, you'll probably get average)

All with one swift action.

At this point, I'd rather not chance 1032d6 damage being dependent on 1 attack roll (if they have evasion and you miss, you just wasted a quite expensive explosive), so for (almost) the same price, I'd rather do this instead:

91x Droidified Enlarged Power Generator w/ Storage Capacity - 336,700cr, 15kg each (medium size), 0 slots, deals 8d6 in a burst-4 when it explodes

728d6 in a burst 4 (avg 2,548 dmg)

You can't get deal as much damage to one area (or as much damage in general), but you can spread it out to cover a larger area, and you have more chances to actually hit someone (rather than miss and deal nothing). You also have to activate each one, unless the GM rules that any in the blast area of the first are set off by the initial explosion, in which case you can cause a chain reaction.

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