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Koutetsu sanokushi

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Koutetsu sanokushi Empty Koutetsu sanokushi

Post by NekoNeko Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:56 am


this series contains "YAIO".... homosexual or implied homosexual relationship(s) ...aka "Boy X Boy" love ....if you find such things offensive please refrain from watching

Koutetsu Sangokushi

Koutetsu sanokushi Koutet10

The Imperial Seal has been passed down through the generations since ancient times. It confers great power unto the warriors that it chooses. This is the story of those warriors.
It is a time of chaos and of civil war. It is a time when great armies clash in titanic battles and great heroes carve their names in history. It is also a time of death and destruction, when the people of the land live in constant fear of the sword. Onto this stage steps the reluctant Rikuson (Lu Xun), whose family had been the guardians of the Imperial Seal up until it was stolen by Sonsaku. At the behest of his mentor Rikuson offers his services to Sonsaku with the intention of confirming the will of the Imperial Seal. However, assassins strike down Sonsaku and the Imperial Seal is lost. So begins, Rikuson’s journey to recover the Imperial Seal and discover his destiny.

This series runs 25 episodes

Episode 01..Episode 02..Episode 03

Episode 04..Episode 05..Episode 06

Episode 07..Episode 08..Episode 09

Episode 10..Episode 11..Episode 12

Episode 13..Episode 14..Episode 15

Episode 16..Episode 17..Episode 18

Episode 19..Episode 20..Episode 21

Episode 22..Episode 23..Episode 24

Episode 25..Episode 26

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