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Winter anime 2016/17

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Winter anime 2016/17 Empty Winter anime 2016/17

Post by croPath Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:25 pm
Akiba's trip - mixed the game seemed pretty fun but i didn't play it becouse it suffered from lazy portitis so ill probably check this out
Masamune-kun no revenge - i think this one might be pretty good
Urara Meirochou - reserve
Seiren -seems like it will just be standard issue romcom but might be pretty good if its not or just plain suck
Youjo senki - im banking on this one hopefully not being shit or a series of shorts
Fuuka - ill give it a watch
Schoolgirl strikers - ill try it out
Spiritpack - eh seems copy paste shounen ai, reserve
Chain chronicles (not to be confused with teh TV series which is in chibi style) - might be pretty good
eldLIVE - will give it a watch
Idol jihen - seems hilarious ill def try it
Gabriel DropOut - might be good but ill stick it in reserve folder
ACCA - eh unclear on this one but ill try it just to see how it is since it has a premise that might  be pretty good
Hand shakers - big hope for this one
One room - reserve
chaos;CHILD - OH HELLS YES the start of the new trilogy and a sequel to chaos;head
kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon - might try or stick in reserve
Kuzu no honkai - eh shit or pretty good, we will see
Bang dream - reserve but might just give it a try as it airs

Second seasons
Konosubaa- OMFG YES
Rewrite moon and terra - def yes
Ao no exorcist - eh maybe i have to see the movies first since the story turned shit near the end of season 1

PS check out all those movies coming in febuary i can't wait for BD releses

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Winter anime 2016/17 Empty Re: Winter anime 2016/17

Post by NekoNeko Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:54 pm

thank-you Cro ...I'll be checking these out myself...
personally looking forward to exorcist and chaos ...


Winter anime 2016/17 Kitty-10

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