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Gift Shop Rules and Guide

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Gift Shop Rules and Guide Empty Gift Shop Rules and Guide

Post by Valtizar Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:01 pm

Some of you may have noticed under your avatars that you have points. Points are increased when you post on the forum, add friends etc. You can now use these points to buy various gifts and decorations for your sigs and beneath your avatars.


Each member now has room on their post profiles (under the avatar) for 4 small gift icons (this is what seems to fit best) which can be purchased in the gift shop.

Once you have 4 gifts you may still buy more, however one will have to be removed from your profile and be replaced with the new one.

You may also buy gifts here for friends. In the event that the person you're sending the gift to already has 4, they will be asked if they want to replace an old gift with the new one.

Character Claims

This thread is available for members to "claim" their favourite character from an anime. Each claim comes with a small claim card to be put in your signature. There are two styles of claim card, so each member can choose which style they like best.

If you change your mind at any point, you can give up your claimed character and claim a new one instead. Trade ins will be reduced in price.

Only two claims are allowed per member.

Large Gift Icons

These are to be placed in your signature.

There will be a limit of two per member, due to size considerations.

If you already have two, you may still buy another, however one of your current large icons will have to be replaced with the new one.


Each member now has space under their avatar for 1 small banner. These can be custom made to include short titles and small images. Anything too long or too large may be refused at the artist's discretion.

Banners may be replaced with new a new one, however price will not be reduced.

Any questions concerning any of the shops should be posted here. Remember to check back at shops now and then because we will be adding new items as often as possible.

There may also be special items to be won in contests so make sure to keep an eye out!



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