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Shrine of The Moring Mist

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Shrine of The Moring Mist  Empty Shrine of The Moring Mist

Post by NekoNeko Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:49 pm

Shrine of the Morning Mist

Shrine of The Moring Mist  Shrine10

Amatsu Tadahiro is a highschool student who inherits the blood of the Saniwa, and because of that he always being targeted by evil spirits. However he has no slightest clue why his body is attracting those evil spirits.In order to protect Amatsu Tadahiro and the town from evil spirits, the shrine maiden committee is formed. Three Hieda sisters plus couple more girls from highschool joined the shrine maiden committee. But can they fight against those evil spirits led by AYATACHIMICHIMUNE? And how about the growing love between Yuzu and Tadahiro?

this series runs 26  Episodes...please note the episodes are short,running 10-12 min each

Episode 01 ..   Episode 02  .. Episode 03

Episode 04 ..   Episode 05 ..  Episode 06

Episode 07 ..   Episode 08 ..  Episode 09

Episode 10 ..   Episode 11 ..   Episode 12

Episode 13 ..   Episode 14 ..   Episode 15

Episode 16 ..   Episode 17 ..    Episode 18

Episode 19 ..   Episode 20 ..   Episode 21

Episode 22 ..   Episode 23 ..   Episode 24

Episode 25  ..  Episode 26


Shrine of The Moring Mist  Kitty-10

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