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Red Hawk dub

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Red Hawk dub Empty Red Hawk dub

Post by NekoNeko Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:29 pm

Red Hawk dub

Red Hawk dub Redhaw10

The Camellia Blossoms gang (think of the Mafia in fictional ancient times and you will get the picture) plague the innocent with fires, death and using counterfeit coins to cripple the economy. Within this gang are the Five Dragons, a group of men and women trained in deadly martial arts. When the youngest and fifth ranking member of the group simply can‘t take anymore of the death, he rebels. With the aid of his brother, Muklyong, he escapes certain death. However, his brother must pay the price; with his soul...

Three years later, the counterfeit coins are taking their toll on the innocents of a small village. When a craftsman is killed, her daughter and her love interest, Junchung (Red Hawk using a fake name), begin to suspect there is a connection. Joined by the mysterious Yungyung, they travel to where he was last seen to unravel the mystery. And maybe the mysterious Red Hawk will make an appearance.

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