King of Bandit Jing-OVA 7th Heaven

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King of Bandit Jing-OVA 7th Heaven

Post by NekoNeko on Tue May 27, 2014 4:36 pm

Jing King of Bandits/King Of Bandit Jing : 7th Heaven OVA

The King of Thieves and his womanizing feathered-friend Kir are back, and behind bars! The duo's luck has finally run out, leaving them handcuffed and incarcerated in Seventh Heaven, the world's most maximum security prison, from which there is no escape. But all is not lost for Jing and Kir, for great treasure is to be found within Seventh Heaven's walls. It is said that an inmate named Campari has mastered the ability of crystallizing dreams into candy, leaving the user to dream anything he wishes. And of course, what else can Jing do, but strive to steal it?

This OVA runs 3 episodes and is rated 14+

any problems please post in the "not playing" thread...thank-you..


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