Haru Wa Daite ita

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Haru Wa Daite ita

Post by NekoNeko on Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:37 am


please note this series contains both mild language and nudity...viewer discretion is advised

this series contains "YAIO".... homosexual or implied homosexual relationship(s) ...aka "Boy X Boy" love ....if you find such things offensive please refrain from watching

Haru Wa Daite ita

* Based on the immensely popular and on-going yaoi manga by Youka Nitta.

It's about (or at least the manga was about) two adult video stars who want to break into the main stream, and by doing so, they decide to try out for a movie about homosexuality. The movie is popular, so it becomes a TV series, and the actors get feelings for each other.

This series/OVA runs only two episodes

Haru Wa Daite ita-01..Haru Wa Daite ita-02

...any problems ..please post in the "not playing" thread or VM me

The viewing policy has changed at the host ....most Yaio/Yuri titles are now need a PW *pass-word* to allow viewing..


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