Fall 2016 anime list

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Fall 2016 anime list

Post by croPath on Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:13 pm


I dub thee the season of mahou shoujo's
My list
Mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku - will try
Bloodivores - ditto
Time bokan 24 - maybe
Shuumatsu no izetta - yep got a very good feeling about this one
ViVid strike - still not sure if this is another show in the MS nanoha universe or not but ill give it a try
Idol memories - will try
Touken ranbu - ditto
Trickster - eh reserve
Shoushin shoujo matoi - will try
Nanbaka - reserve
Soul buster - ditto
To be hero - reserve
Kiitarou shounen - will try
Brave witches - HELL YES!
Keijo!!! - ok this one sounds hilarious so yes
Watashi ga motete dousunda - ditto
Girlish number - maybe
Bernard-jou iwaku - reserve
new WIXOSS - maybe
Drifters - ditto
Occultic nine - will try
Luger code 1951 - yep got a good feeling about this one

Second seasons -
Bubuki buranki - yep the first was good enough to warrant giving this one a watch
Gundam iron blooded orphans - def yes
Ajin the demi human - yes

Movies -
Majestic prince - still hoping someone releases the new episode that was in the majestic hour reair
Kancolle - now to wait months for the BD

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Re: Fall 2016 anime list

Post by NekoNeko on Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:09 pm



The Greatest Gift is to Simply .... BE !


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