Gankutsuou~Count of Monte` Cristo

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Gankutsuou~Count of Monte` Cristo

Post by NekoNeko on Fri Jul 11, 2014 8:46 pm

Gankutsuou-The Count of Monte Cristo

* Based loosely on the book written by Alexandre Dumas titled Comte de Monte-Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo), this story is set in a far future time against an intergalactic backdrop.

Albert was a boy who had been born to a noble family in Paris. He made a journey to the moon with Franz to escape from their tedious lives. On the moon, he met a millionaire calling himself the Count of Monte Cristo.

The Count lived a life of splendour in a rich hotel, with beautiful women waiting on him and strong men guarding him. Albert was fascinated by this Count who seemed to know everything, and the two became friends. Albert eventually invited the Count to visit him in Paris.

The Count's past slowly resurfaces, to the greatest displeasure of everybody involved.

This series runs 24 episodes and is rated 14+

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