Weib Kreuz Gluhen/Weiss Kreuz Gluhen/Kinght Hunters Eternity

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Weib Kreuz Gluhen/Weiss Kreuz Gluhen/Kinght Hunters Eternity

Post by NekoNeko on Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:06 pm

Weib/Weiss Kreuz Gluhen / Knight Hunter:Eternity

Koua is an academy that brings Japanese's most talented people and students together. The mission is to train talented people to bear the world's future leadership. However, recently, the suicide rate in the academy is increasing and there is hardly any information being released to the public.
Fujimiya Aya is sent to inflitrate this school carrying out criminal investigation and disguise himself as a teacher. In fact, actually, there is a connection between Koua academy and the global terrorist activities that are frequently occur. Therefore Persia assigns Hidaka Ken and Kudou Youji as well into this mission to solve the truth and connection of the incident behind Koua academy.

This series runs 13 Episodes

Episode 01    Episode 02    Episode 03

Episode 04    Episode 05    Episode 06

Episode 07    Episode 08    Episode 09

Episode 10    Episode 11    Episode 12

Episode 13


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