Here is Greenwood VHS version uncut!

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Here is Greenwood VHS version uncut!

Post by NekoNeko on Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:04 pm

Here is GreenWood

Meet Kazuya Hasukawa - he's just a regular teenager who wants to live a normal, peaceful life. But when his first love marries his older brother and moves into their house, Kazuya decides that he has to move out to preserve his sanity! Things go from bad to worse when he discovers he's been assigned to the strangest dorm on campus - an asylum called "Greenwood" - where all the weirdos, outcasts and lunatics at the prestigous Ryokuto Academy reside. Experience life at Greenwood, where nothing is ever as it seems, especially the people. Can Kazuya and his classmates survive the insanity?

OVA 6 Episodes

This is the older uncut version that was released to vhs..the newer dvd version was both edited in dialogue and video content

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