Fafner/Dead Aggressor

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Fafner/Dead Aggressor

Post by NekoNeko on Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:49 pm

Fafner/Dead Aggressor

"Are you there?"
It was a peaceful and calm island... the blue sky and the blue sea reach as far as one can see. For the boys and girls living there, another day was supposed to begin as usual.

"Are you there?"
That one day, the boys and girls suddenly began to receive a message. The moment they replied, a stream of light flashed in the blue sky. Seemingly beautiful, the enemy suddenly appeared, heralding a seemingly hopeless future for mankind.

How should they have replied in order to live?
A boy, Makabe Kazuki, decides to pilot a Fafner in order to live and to escape from this bleak reality...

This series runs 26 episodes

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